The Legion Go has been getting weekly updates from the team to show how it is being supported and evolving. With the update posted yesterday by Lenovo's US Senior Gaming Product Manager Ben Myers, we have a look at the next BIOS update, which should be coming within the next 2 weeks:


6gb VRAM and Memory Frequency Switching

One of the biggest additions to the system the community was asking for was the option for different VRAM options to optimize our device's performance further. The team is starting to move on that by adding a 6gb option. Currently, there is only a 3gb, 4gb, or 8gb option, so this new one would fit nicely between the 4 and 8. An auto option is being worked on, but it won't be available here.

There will also be an option to switch the memory frequency to either 6400Mhz or 7500Mhz. It will be another way we can optimize the device and take performance or battery life more into account, which is always nice.

Charging Speed Optimization and USB-C Compatibility

The new BIOS update will also be adding an option to optimize charging speed. You will be able to select the charging speed when under high loads, which could help your device charge a bit faster or slower. There will also be a new USB-C compatibility option to support higher-powered devices to go with faster charging speeds.

STAMPS/STT Thermal Modes and Incoming Fan Tuning

Lenovo is also adding a new Thermal mode switch, allowing you to set how your APU will be using the power going to it. There will be two modes: STT, which is the default mode, and STAMP. The former mode will adjust the APU power depending on the needs when under a specified limit, while the latter mode will force the APU to use the power that has been defined in the system settings.

There is also some preliminary support being added for Lenovo's fan table tuning interface. This will be utilized in the future custom fan curves that are implemented, but this support will allow the changes to be made within Legion Space when the feature is released.

There are also some fixes for custom VRAM settings not taking effect, performance issues, and support for sPPT and fPPT tuning. The update will also include the SD reader fixes as well. Overall, this is a solid update, and I can't wait to try out the 6gb VRAM mode myself! You can view the full update/changelog over at the Legion Gaming Community.

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