I remember fondly when Last Epoch came out into early access. I was blown away by how amazing it looked, and as an alternative to Diablo, it had everything I was hoping for. Now, the early access journey for this Action RPG has ended, and we have officially hit 1.0, bringing in some wonderful improvements that will make playing the game on the Steam Deck so much easier.


With the 1.0 launch, we now have a couple of new improvements that specifically make playing on the Steam Deck much more viable. The two biggest improvements here are a full offline mode and controller support. When starting the game, you will be able to select a "full offline" mode from the dropdown or as a launch option in the game's preferences, and then you should be good to go! If you want to play online, you will need to close and reopen. I love that this was added though, and I appreciate the differences implemented to make it usable, including pressing ESC or pausing will actually pause the game.

We also have full controller support throughout the entire game. This means redesigned menus, controller-specific tooltips, and even an in-game on-screen keyboard. There have also been some skill improvements to further refine the controller experience, like the ability to rotate when using Avalanche, Disintegrate, Flurry, and Ghost Flame. While the controller support isn't perfect, it is extremely nice and it works a majority of the time.

There are a huge amount of upgrades with this patch, including new masteries, Item Factions, new skills, and more. You can read about the 1.0 patch over on Last Epoch's website or check out the overview video below:

Last Epoch is $34.99 on Steam right now. But, you can get it on Fanatical for $29.04 by using the coupon code OMEN17.

It is rated Unsupported for the Steam Deck, but it plays extremely well! We are working on our review of it, and I would say it is VERY playable. Some controller issues here and there, but for the most part, it works exceptionally well and feels great.

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