Recently, Lost in Cult announced IMMORTALITY: Design Works, a behind-the-scenes book that goes into how the game was made, showcasing interviews, and more to give a deeper look into the BAFTA award-winning game. After almost a full day, the book has almost hit 70% of its £60,000 goal, and after checking out what this book offers, I can see why.


IMMORTALITY is a choose-your-own-adventure game on Steam that was created by Sam Barlow, who created games like Her Story and Telling Lies. These Full-Motion Video (FMV) games are extremely gripping, and IMMORTALITY is no exception. In the interactive trilogy, you will follow the disappearance Marissa Marcel, an actress, and you will need to figure out what happened using three of her never-released movies. By manipulating scenes from these movies and some behind-the-scenes clips, you will try to get the answers to what is going on.


The game is fantastic, and there's a reason it won a BAFTA Award for Best Narrative. IMMORTALITY: Design Works spans almost 600 pages and includes a lot of special content from author Chris Schilling from EDGE Magazine. The entire script is contained, broken up by film stills and photos, as well as some interviews and essays written by the author that go into specifics like the inspiration for the game and more. It's also an interactive experience within the book, which has thermo-reactive ink that will show new text with the heat of your fingers and even a hidden French-folded image.

The base version of the book contains all of this, but if you are a big IMMORTALITY fan, you can get the Deluxe Edition. This includes the book, a signed bookplate by creator Sam Barlow, an archival box, movie posters, and ticket stubs for each of the three films, the individual scripts for the films, newspaper clippings about Marissa Marcel, polaroids, and even police reports and a soundtrack cassette. There are only 300 units of the Deluxe version available, and with over half bought already, I would take action sooner rather than later!


You can get both editions of the book right now, ahead of its estimated release around the Summer of this year, on Lost in Cult's website. The base version costs £60, while the Deluxe Edition costs £150. With all of the extras the deluxe edition has, I would say the price is definitely justified. It looks like an incredible deal and a great item to have if you are a fan of IMMORTALITY.

As for the game, you can buy it on Steam right now. It is currently on a 25% sale for $14.99 until January 28th and is rated Verified for the Steam Deck! It does support cloud saves and gamepads, so this is a great experience overall.

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