Payday 3 started its early access yesterday and playing it has been a blast. I have been playing for awhile and tested the game on the Steam Deck, and it actually runs quite well on it despite the high minimum requirements. With this in mind, I was excited to try out the game on the more powerful devices, including the ROG Ally. And after some testing, I am happy to say it is better than I expected.

Payday 3's Performance on the ROG Ally

After testing each heist, I can say it runs really well on the ROG Ally. In every heist, I was able to hit a solid 30 FPS without any upscaling and on medium settings with Turbo Mode. This makes the game look incredible without any blurriness, which is such an amazing way to experience the game.

On most heists, we can get an almost solid 45 FPS with a mix of medium and low settings and quality FSR with Turbo Mode. The only heists that tend to slow it down are Dirty Ice and No Rest for the Wicked when you are outside. The former drops to around 35 - 37 FPS, while the latter drops to around 40 - 42. As soon as you are inside the building, this will go back up.

While there is still more testing to be done for a more formal review, I am impressed with how Payday 3 runs and feels on the ROG Ally. With its more colorful screen, VRR, and Z1 Extreme power, playing this way is fantastic. If you are looking for the best way to play it on-the-go, the ROG Ally may be the best way to play.

Payday 3 releases on September 21st, but is available now with the early access you can get through its Silver and Gold edition. You can buy it multiple storefronts:

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