As someone who admittedly has very little knowledge of the Gundam franchise, I get a bit lost when writing about these games, but GUNDAM BREAKER 4 looks to be pretty interesting in my eyes.

With a focus on collecting parts in order to build and customize your own mecha, the game is sure to appeal to those of us who like to show off our personal tastes and work with our own playstyle. It's only the 2nd title in the Gundam Breaker series to make it to the West, as well as to PC after New Gundam Breaker was launched to a very mixed reception a few years ago.

Seeing as this game is entitled GUNDAM BREAKER 4, it seems likely they intend to go back to the Gundam Breaker 1-3 style we saw on the PS3/4 and PS Vita, which was better received, so this may well be the turnaround the franchise needs.

Here's a gameplay trailer showing off some combat and customization in the game:

In GUNDAM BREAKER 4, you'll be able to mesh parts together from over 250 iconic Mobile Suits to make your very own style of suit. Then you can take it to the battlefield in a variety of offline and online missions, that allow up to 3 players in co-op mode to really test it out!

While on the battlefield, hack and slash your way through enemies, breaking off parts that you yourself can use in your own mecha to upgrade and enhance its abilities. In an all-new feature to the series, you can use 2 different weapons for a unique combo!

But it's not just fitting new parts, you can also paint the parts to really make your mecha unique, or apply decals to them to show off that flair. You can even weather separate parts of the mecha to make it look like it's been through some tough times.

GUNDAM BREAKER 4 will launch on Steam later this year. We have no word on system requirements or Steam Deck support yet, so we'll have to wait and see for this one. Hopefully, there won't be any use of anti-cheat as we've seen in previous GUNDAM games, given the fact that GUNDAM BREAKER 4 only has cooperative online play, not competitive.

Are you a fan of the GUNDAM franchise? Does this game get you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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