With veterans at its head, offices in Los Angeles, and remote developers from around the world, the new AAA game studio Giant Skull aims to bring games that are built around gameplay, story, and captivating worlds.

Led by Stig Asmussen, who was previously Game Director of the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor & Fallen Order games, as well as the Game Director for God of War III during his time at Sony Santa Monica, Giant Skull aims to bring together a plethora of talents to create new experiences.

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The leadership of this new studio is made up of CTO, Jon Carr (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor), Art Director, Patrick Murphy (Fortnite), Lead Producer, Lauren McLemore (Fortnite), Design Director, Jeff Magers (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor), Animation Director, Brian Campbell (Fortnite) and COO/CFO, Anthony Scott (Arkham Series).

We don't have too many details on their upcoming project, but we do know that it is being made in Unreal Engine 5, is single-player, and is an Action-Adventure title. Given Asmussen's pedigree in the Star Wars and God of War games, his and the Giant Skull team's experience should fit right in with this genre then.

We look forward to seeing what Giant Skull's game is in due time, and we wish this new studio all the best!

NOTE: You can play around with the website as it has a sort of "terminal" you can type into. So far we've discovered typing "Giant Skull" gave capitalized letters, which spell out "Concept", which then gives us a poem, likely relating to their current game's development process. Likely their game began full development in January, of what year, who knows!

We've also found the following keywords: Beyond, Earth, Codename, Where, Run, Execute, and Mission.

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If you find any other tidbits on the website, then let us know in the comments below!

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