If you watched Sony's State of Play event yesterday, you'd have been treated to some extra footage of the upcoming Dragon's Dogma 2 game. Scheduled to release on March 22nd, we're less than 2 months away from it dropping, and CAPCOM shared some additional gameplay footage of the game last night, you can check it out here. We sadly can't embed the video due to age-restricted content.


This trailer gives us a glimpse into the gameplay of Dragon's Dogma 2, including some of the enemies that we'll face when the game launches in March, Vocation Maisters who can teach the Arisen new skills of the highest order, and a mysterious threat known as the Dragonsplague that could result in calamity for the Arisen's loyal companions.

A new vocation that you'll be able to choose in the game was also shown. In Dragon's Dogma 2, you play as the Arisen, who can choose their vocation, and last night it was revealed that 'Warfarer' will be one such vocation available to you. This vocation has the unique ability of being able to wield any weapon, as well as learn skills from other vocations. They are generally weaker, but their versatility in weapon choice and skillset means they have a variety of strategies available to them.

Dragon's Dogma 2 launches on Steam on March 22nd for $69.99. It has partial controller support, with the recommendation that you play with a controller. There's no word on Steam Deck compatibility yet, and the system requirements indicate that it may be a struggle to run, so we'll have to wait and see for this one!

Are you excited for the launch of Dragon's Dogma 2 in less than 2 months? Let us know in the comments below!

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