Every month, Fanatical launches a new version of their Platinum build-your-own bundle, which is always filled with some pretty fantastic games. It seems this month will be no exception to this rule, and I am extremely happy to see it! The February 2024 Platinum Collection is filled with amazing games for the Steam Deck, like Friends Vs. Friends, Dust & Neon, and Cookie Cutter, which I would consider essentials for your library, and there are 21 different games to choose from in total!

Here is what you can find in this deal:

Fanatical Platinum Collection February 2024

Fanatical Platinum Collection Feb 2024 Bundle Contents:

The bundle is a build-your-own, which means you will select a number of games and pay a set price for them. There are three tiers available:

  • 3 Games for $10
  • 5 Games for $15
  • 7 Games for $20

This is an incredible deal that could get you some amazing games for a bundled cost that I feel is so very worth it. If I had to choose 7 games right now, I would pick Friends Vs. Friends, Cookie Cutter, Dusk & Neon, Ziggurat 2, Farm Together, Maneater, and Final Vendetta. But you can't go wrong either with Luck Be a Landlord, Scourge Bringer, Star Renegades, and Oaken. Overall, this is a fantastic value that you won't want to miss for your Steam Deck.

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