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Do you like hunting dinosaurs? What about hunting dinosaurs as a tiny man dressed up in a blue suit? If so, then CAPCOM has got you covered! Just like that man is covered in that suit! Ok, enough of that, but seriously, Exoprimal is collaborating with fellow CAPCOM franchise Mega Man for its 4th Title Update on April 17th, bringing with it a variety of Mega Man-themed fun.

You can check it out in the trailer here, unfortunately, as the video is age-restricted, we can't embed it for viewing on SDHQ.


So what exactly is included in this collaboration between the two franchises?

First off, a new boss battle. Up to 10 players can join forces and face off against the Yellow Devil. This massive robot has the ability to shapeshift, and it'll require skill and cooperation to fight against his wily arsenal of attacks!

There are also new cosmetic sets joining the fun in Exoprimal, allowing players to dress up Nimbus as Mega Man, Witchdoctor as Air Man, and Krieger as the Yellow Devil itself!

It's not just the Mega Man collaboration that's happening with Title Update 4 though, 6 new Exosuits are joining the roster, making the total up to 30. These are "beta" variants of existing Exosuits.

2 new modes will also be added to Exoprimal.

Custom Match will allow players to create their own lobby, with their choice of rules, missions, and maps. You can replay special story missions, host a 10-player co-op battle, and all this with cross-platform play. Plus, everyone can still gain XP and unlocks while playing custom matches.

Time Loop Rebellion is a game mode that will be available at set times, and allows players to replay Exoprimal's climactic boss fight. However, this time it will be even more challenging, and the rewards meet the risk. The first time this mode will be run will be from April 25th to the 29th.

Finally, Exoprimal is also receiving a new Exosuit Rig, known as Mortar!

Exoprimal is available on Steam for $59.99. It is rated Playable on the Steam Deck, due to some text being small and showing incorrect button prompts. And you can check out our review to see the kind of performance you can expect on the Steam Deck.

Are you happy to see CAPCOM's continued support of Exoprimal? Let us know in the comments below!

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