Enshrouded was one of the biggest indie hits at the start of the year, alongside Palworld the 2 games dominated the charts for a good couple of weeks from their launch. Well, now it's finally time for Enshrouded to receive its first major content update, and what an update it is!

Rather than give you a long list of changes straight away, the Enshrouded team at Keen Games has prepared a video that details the biggest changes, which you can watch below:

If you're more the reading type and prefer lists to videos, then here's a brief overview of what this update adds to the game:

  • Each biome now has a brand new dungeon with a new enemy faction and legendary rewards.
  • A new crafting station with new recipes to try.
  • Brand new quests.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Round doors and windows have been added, as well as potted flowers and more!
  • General UI improvements related to inventory management, crafting, and more!

These are just the highlights of the update, you can read the full patch notes over on the Enshrouded Website, as it's a bit too long to fit in this article!

It's great to see the game get additional content, as it was one of the things that I felt was lacking in the game when I reviewed it near launch. The game world could feel quite empty, and enemy positions/spawns are pre-determined, meaning there wasn't much variety in what was going on. So having a greater amount of content should help alleviate that.

Enshrouded is available now on Steam for $29.99. In our review we found that the game was barely playable on the Steam Deck, something we hope will improve with time as the game nears its full release in 2025.

What do you think of Enshrouded's first major update since its launch back in January? Let us know in the comments below!

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