With Steam's Deckbuilders event starting in just a few hours, it's a great time for fans of the genre! To get things off to an early start, the developers of dev_hell, a satirical (but possibly not entirely inaccurate) look at the tech industry through the medium of a roguelike deckbuilder, have released a new trailer for their game, as well as announcing that a demo for the game will be available next month, on April 24th!

Here's the trailer which is pretty much entirely gameplay for a change, so have at it!

In order to have a successful onboarding process come April 24th, please make sure to watch the above video so you are familiar with company policy and what is expected of you.

In this fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, you'll need to be adaptable in order to survive. Communicate with your colleagues, complete code for ill-defined features, and figure out what exactly it is that you're coding. It's certainly nothing... sinister... right?

Your journey as a software developer working for a tech startup with ambitions to "change the world" can begin on April 24th when the demo launches, with the full release of dev_hell expected later in 2024.

dev_hell will launch later in 2024 on Steam, a demo is due to launch on April 24th. Currently, dev_hell has no controller support, but it looks like the kind of game that would be possible to play via the Steam Deck's touchscreen, as half of the game is in the style of a visual novel, and the other half seems to be dragging cards around the screen.

Has dev_hell got you intrigued? It's certainly a bit of a novel concept, and I can't wait to see how the game runs on the Deck, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Oliver Stogden
Oliver began playing video games at an early age, starting with the SNES console and Commodore Amiga computer. Nowadays, his interest is in the future of portable technology, such as handheld gaming systems, portable power stations/banks, and portable monitors. And seeing just how far we can push these devices.
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