In anticipation of the upcoming Black Friday, AYANEO has decided to get a leg up on the competition and start their own Pre-Black Friday offers before the big day! With this new sale, there are some massive discounts on some of their older devices, including the AMD 6800U APU series, making them significantly better deals. This includes the AIR Plus model, which I reviewed and can ultimately justify the price tag for it! So, here are the devices and deals you can expect:

NOTE: There are 2 other devices that are a part of this sale, but they are sold out. The AIR Plus Mendocino (7320U and 7520U) and the AIR Plus Intel 1215U are both gone, so only 6800U devices remain. While they are both great for the low price (under $400), there are still some great deals for the more powerful devices.


AYANEO AIR Plus - $587 - $839 (Our Review)


The first 6device is actually the first one I ever received from AYANEO to review, the AIR Plus. This extremely portable powerhouse has a lot going for it. It is a smaller build than devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, making it much easier to take around and fit in your pocket. It also has a 6-inch, 1920x1080 resolution screen with 400 nits brightness, 128.48% sRGB color gamut for more vivid images, and a whopping 46.2Wh battery. This is bigger than both the Deck and Ally and only 3Wh smaller than the Legion Go!

The 6800U might be a slight step down from the Z1 Extreme (Comparable to the 7840U) we see in the Ally and Go, but it still packs a big punch (and is more powerful than the Steam Deck). It can push 28W TDP and features the hall effect triggers and joysticks that the company is known for.

The prices range, but the cheapest model, with 16gb RAM and 512gb SSD, is $587.40, which is an incredible price for what you are getting. Compared to a $650 Steam Deck or even the $700 Ally or Go, you are getting a more portable device with a large battery. There are more expensive options that include more RAM, up to 32gb, larger SSD, and different colors.

AYANEO 2: $659 - 839


Next, we have the AYANEO 2. This device features a 7-inch 1920x1200 screen with no bezels in an overall sleek design. It is a similar size to the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, especially since it has the same size screen, but has a high color gamut so it will show more vivid colors. It also has a 50.25Wh battery, bigger than the Deck, Ally, and Go, and weighs around 680g, similar to the Ally.

This is a decent option as well, but for my tastes, the price is a bit too high. For only $40 more, you could get a ROG Ally or Legion Go, both of which have better APUs (Z1 Extreme). Overall, this would be one I skip, but I do really love the design overall. There are also more expensive options for more RAM, up to 32gb, bigger SSD, and different colors.

AYANEO Geek: $569 - $821


Finally, we have the AYANEO Geek. This is a slightly stripped-down version of the AYANEO 2, but the pricing is much better. It has the same APU and RAM, as well as a 7-inch wide gamut screen with 400 nits brightness. It also sports a 50.25Wh battery, weighs around 680g, and has a very sleek design. It does have a slim bezel, reduced gyroscope capabilities, and no sound vibration, but this is a powerful device nonetheless.

The cheapest model is 16gb RAM + 512gb SSD with the screen's maximum resolution at 1280x800. This is a fantastic resolution for a handheld and one I fully support. There are other options for more RAM, storage space, and 1920x1200 native resolution, but at the higher price points, I would still recommend going for the AIR Plus.

And that's it for this sale! While it would be great to see more devices on sale, I would say these deals are pretty fantastic, especially the AIR Plus. For a more portable device that can fit in your pocket, as well as more power and a bigger battery than the Steam Deck, it's hard not to recommend this one. If you are settled on getting a Windows handheld and want to be able to put the device in your pocket, I highly recommend checking this sale, and the AIR Plus specifically, out!

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