ASUS ROG Ally Update

2 updates are releasing for the ASUS ROG Ally today and tomorrow that add in a multitude of new functionality. First, we will have an Armoury Crate update today that adds in the "Hold to Repeat" function for key mapping and 5gb, 6gb, and 7gb options to assign memory to the GPU. There is also an added icon for Xbox Cloud Gaming, a new battery level, Wi-Fi status, and Current System Time button added to the command center, as well as a "Remove Button Function" option for key mapping.

Then, tomorrow, we will have a MyASUS update that will fully add the Hold to Repeat support for the specific buttons, as well as a couple UX improvements and a small fix for the RGB lighting when in gamepad mode.

ASUS ROG Ally - Armoury Crate Update 8/7/23 Changelog:

  • New feature: Added "Hold to Repeat" function in Key Mapping (requires MCU 311 or later) 
  • New feature: Added #whereismyALLY giveaway campaign shortcut in Content tab 
  • New feature: Added a "Remove button function" option in Key Mapping 
  • New feature: Added Battery level, Wi-Fi status, and Current System Time to Command Center 
  • New feature: Added the ROG Official Ally tutorial YouTube playlist in Help Center 
  • New feature: Added 5GB, 6GB, and 7GB options to "Memory Assigned to GPU" setting 
  • New feature: Added an icon for Xbox Cloud Gaming in Game Platform section 
  • Enhancement: Added a confirmation pop up window for the Command Center’s "End Task" function 
  • Bug fix: Time will no longer show as 12AMPM when ACSE is restarted 
  • Bug fix: Fixed the phenomenon where the on-screen keyboard flashes and disappears when a program is launched through Game Library. 
  • Bug fix: The Real-time Monitor content will no longer disappear when text size is over 117%.  
  • Bug fix: Game covers will no longer reappear in the Game Library after being deleted. 
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where the "Stick Up" was displayed incorrectly in the controller overview. 

ASUS ROG Ally - MyASUS Update 8/8/23 Changelog:

  • New feature: added Hold to Repeat support for ABXY, joystick click, LB, RB, M1, M2 and the D-Pad in the Game Profile, Gamepad, and Desktop modes. 
  • UX improvement: Assigned the LB key to navigate tabs in the BIOS.  
  • UX improvement: Fixed a bug where using joysticks in Desktop mode resulted in large dead zone.  
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where in Gamepad mode and the device is on battery, the joystick RGB lighting won't resume after 1 minute idle.

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