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After spending more than 5 years in Early Access on Steam, 3Division’s Soviet city-builder is finally ready for a full release, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Version 1.0 is releasing on June 20th. The game challenges players to build a prosperous Soviet republic from a fledgling country, rising to become a rich industrial superpower.

Multiple complex simulations work together to bring your nation to life, you'll need to handle intricate production chains, as well as the management of citizens, complex traffic, logistics, and economic simulations, the choices you make will have an impact on the global economy. Rule your nation with total authority and remember – loyalty to the party trumps all!

You can check out Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic's release date trailer below:


So what's changing in the full release of the game compared to the early access version we currently have? Well, here's a rundown of what you can expect from the Version 1.0 update:

  • New buildings to enrich the lives of citizens through entertainment and fitness, including an amphitheater, a large stadium, and more playgrounds for the younger generation.
  • Brand new Western vehicles to expand the nation’s transit network.
  • Revamped the education system to maximize the potential reach of teachers.
  • Graphical improvements to the electronics components factory, woodcutting post, sawmill, panels factory, and many more key buildings.
  • Improved factory connection nodes to facilitate a better flow of resources across complex production chains.
  • Plenty of other quality-of-life fixes and HUD tweaks.

With over 14,500 player reviews on Steam, 92% of which are positive, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has certainly had a good run in Early Access, and it looks like the game is set to be even better when Version 1.0 releases next month on June 20th.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is available on Steam Early Access for $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99 / ¥4,980. The game doesn't have controller support but is rated as Playable on Steam Deck according to Valve's testing, due to having small in-game text, sometimes requiring the on-screen keyboard or other custom controls, and not showing controller icons.

Have you played Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Steam Deck? Do you plan on picking it up? Let us know in the comments below!

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