The first game shown off during the Xbox Partner Preview showcases also ended up being one of my favorites for the entire event. Unknown 9 Awakening is an entry in the Unknown 9 universe, which has content across novels, comics, and podcasts, and the video game looks incredible in the new trailer they showed off:

I am a huge fan of games like this. Big action-adventure games that see you journeying across the world, checking out incredible landscapes, and utilizing unique powers that can change the tide in battle. While you can dodge bullets, vanish, and hurl energy at opponents, I love the mechanic to actually control your enemies and set up chains that will see them taking each other out. The story seems equally intriguing, too, as it sees you as Haroona trying to right the wrongs of your past.

Unknown 9 Awakening can be wishlisted on Steam right now. The minimum requirements do look a bit hefty for the Steam Deck, but with Bandai Namco publishing, I have a lot of faith it will run on the Steam Deck. It does ask for a lot of RAM, and a RX 580 GPU as its minimum system requirement, but overall, I have seen more intensive games running on Deck (like Remnant 2), so I am optimistic about this one.

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