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When it comes to the Steam Deck, it's nice to be able to sit back, relax, and take my time with the games I play. A couple of genres perfectly fit this bill, and one of those is turn-based titles. So, when I see a sale that is filled with these titles that are great for portable play, I knew I had to check it out, and there are some amazing deals here!

The Turn-Based Thursday Fest is a sale on Steam that highlights current titles and upcoming ones, giving the genre a chance to shine. The fest, which started from a group of 5 volunteers, works to highlight awesome indie titles, which I couldn't be happier to see! So, with this in mind, I wanted to find some recommendations for games on sale, games that aren't, and upcoming games which I highly recommend checking out.

So, here are the games we recommend checking out as a Steam Deck owner:

Turn-Based Thursday Fest Steam Deck Recommendations

Current Sale Titles

Anode Heart - $13.49 (25% Off)


Back to the Dawn - $17.99 (10% Off)

BacktotheDawnStock1 1

Caves of Qud - $17.99 (10% Off)


Chained Echoes - $16.74 (33% Off)

Chained Echoes 1

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint - $19.79 (34% Off)

CyberKnightsFlashpointStock 1

Darkest Dungeon 1 - $2.49 (90% Off)

darkest dungeon 1

Dicefolk - $11.99 (20% Off)


Dwarf Fortress - $25.49 (15% Off)

DwarfFortressStock1 1

Fabled Lands - $8.54 (55% Off)

FabledLandsStock1 1

Hero's Hour - $8.99 (50% Off)

HerosHourStock1 1

Jupiter Hell - $9.99 (60% Off)

Jupiter Hell

Monster Sanctuary - $4.99 (755 off)


Old World - $27.99 (30% Off)


Rising Lords - $14.99 (25% Off)


Shardpunk Digital Deluxe Edition - $13.77 (31% Off)

ShardpunkVerminfallStock1 1

Songs of Conquest - $10.19 (66% Off)


The Iron Oath - $18.74 (25% Off)

TheIronOathStock1 1

Awesome Turn-Based Games That AREN'T On Sale (But Still Great)

Athena Crisis - $19.99

AthenaCrisisStock1 1

Backpack Battles - $12.99


Backpack Hero - $19.99

BackPackHeroStock1 1

Cassette Beasts - $19.99

CassetteBeastsStock1 1

dotAGE - $17.59


For the King 2 - $24.99


Moonstone Island - $19.99

Moonstone Island 1

Upcoming Turn-Based Titles to Wishlist

Anomaly Collapse (Releasing on April 11th)

AnomalyCollapseStock1 1







Hexxen: Hunters

HexxenHeroesStock1 1

Magin: The Rat Project Stories

MaginStock1 1

Mars Tactics

MarsTacticsStock1 1


MenaceStock1 1

Songs of Silence

SongsofSilenceStock1 1

Worlds of Aria


Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall

YesYourGraceSnowfallStock1 1

And those are all of our recommendations for this awesome sale/festival! There are so many awesome games, both available now and coming soon, and I couldn't be more excited. I am so happy this fest exists to highlight indie titles, and hopefully, there will be more of these soon.

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