The wait is finally over and we are excited to see it! The official Indiegogo campaign for the OneXFly is live now and we are excited to see it!


Since ONE-NETBOOK hit their supporter goal prior to the campaign's release, the super early bird prices have been lowered by $60 each. You can get each edition for:

  • 16gb RAM + 512 SSD - $739
  • 32gb RAM + 1tb SSD - $889
  • 32gb RAM + 2tb SSD - $969
  • 64gb RAM + 2tb SSD - $1,199
  • 64gb RAM + 4tb SSD - $1,299

These prices are limited to 50 units each though and will go up to their early bird pricing which is $60 more. On top of that, every order within the first 48 hours will get a free Silicone protective case!


The OneXFly is the newest handheld PC coming from ONE-NETBOOK, the makers of OneXPlayer. While they have released other devices before, the OneXFly is especially unique considering its price-point is so close to the ROG Ally and has some better internals.

The OneXFly sports a AMD 7840U APU, which rivals the Z1 Extreme chip and has a 120hz IPS panel. On top of that, the device has slightly faster RAM with more configurations, hall-effect joysticks, and is lighter and smaller than the Ally with 2 USB C ports and 1 USB A port!

For only $40 more, this sounds like a no-branier on paper. We haven't had the luxury of testing the OneXFly just yet, but it sounds like a fantastic upgrade over the Ally with little price difference. Even without the super early bird, the $100 may be worth it just for faster RAM and a smaller, lighter device in general. I am looking forward to seeing more and, hopefully, getting a chance to check it out in person too.

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