Games Done Quick has always been an incredible force that has raised money for charity, and the next charity stream focused on speedrunning will be continuing soon. To celebrate, a new bundle from Humble is now available to get with some amazing games to play! The Games Done Quick Frost Fatales bundle contains 7 interesting experiences to enjoy on the Steam Deck, including great classics like ABZU.


Humble Games Done Quick Frost Fatales Bundle Contents:

There aren't any tiers for this bundle, so it will just be a lump sum of $10 to get all 7 of these games. I haven't seen many bundles with the majority of these games, and some of them look extremely intriguing. Pseydoregalia, GYLT, and Hylics 2 all look like fun games, and I can't wait to try them out once I purchase the bundle for myself!

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