Ever since its release, THE FINALS has been one of the most unique free-to-play games I have seen. This is primarily thanks to its incredible art style and the awesome game mechanics where you can basically blow everything up, allowing for a lot of new strategic options like blowing up walls or tearing down entire buildings. Now, season 2 has been announced, and it looks like the fun is only going to continue.

Starting on March 14th, we will have some awesome new content all revolving around hacking. To start, we have the new SYS$HORIZON map, which looks like we are stuck inside a trippy, blocky, internet-scape. I don't think internet-scape means anything, but this is how I would imagine the online environments looking if we could plug ourselves into the internet.

We are also getting a new Hacker Playstyle, which comes with an assortment of new gadgets that can remove walls, tunnel across the area, and even transform items:

  • The Dematerializer for Mediums: a specialization that temporarily erases physical surfaces, like walls, ceilings, or goo — allowing contestants to see, shoot, and pass through them. Create new passageways and close them back up again —turn every obstacle into an open door. 
  • The Anti-Gravity Cube for Heavys: a deployable cube that manipulates gravity in its immediate area, lifting contestants and objects upwards! Is it a traversal tool? Or a defensive gadget? It’s up to each contestant!
  • The Gateway for Lights: a pair of limited-range deployable portals! When both are thrown and activated, contestants and objects can move between the two locations. Anyone can use a portal, but players can’t see or shoot through them! Perfect for a quick getaway, when things get hairy. 
  • The Data Reshaper for Mediums: a gadget that changes enemy fortifications (or any random objects for that matter) into something else entirely — like turning an enemy mine into a chair. Or an enemy turret into a table. Great for breaking through enemy defenses!   

On top of that, all new builds are getting new weapons, a revamped league system, a new Career Circuit system for weekly rewards, and a new casual 5v5 game mode where two teams will compete to escort a platform through the arena. If you get interrupted, it will stop or switch direction entirely, kind of like payload game modes from TF2 or Overwatch. Unlike those though, the platform can be rocked by physics, so you need to balance yourself while shooting and protecting.

Overall, this new season sounds like it will be incredible, and I can't wait to try it out in three days. And yes, it is playable on the Steam Deck!


THE FINALS can be downloaded on Steam for free right now! It is rated as Unsupported on Steam, but it has been reported to run and run pretty well on the Deck!

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Noah Kupetsky
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