The latest TEKKEN 8 update just dropped, with the catchy name of "Patch 1.02.01". This update brings some new features and fixes to the game, let's go over what you can expect to see from this latest update.

The TEKKEN SHOP is now open in-game, allowing you to buy customization items, such as legacy character costumes and skins for your avatar that represent certain TEKKEN characters with plans to add new content to the TEKKEN SHOP monthly. TEKKEN 8 has also partnered with UNIQLO to bring some of their real-world clothing into the TEKKEN SHOP for you to use on characters and avatars.

There will be both free and paid items in the TEKKEN SHOP, with paid items paid for with TEKKEN COINS, which require real-world purchasing.

Moving away from the TEKKEN SHOP, the update mentions that certain cheaters have been detected, and they have been punished by having their leaderboard stats wiped and their rank reset to the lowest level.

There are some changes to how multiplayer menus are handled, to make the process more streamlined, and also the "consecutive wins" counter can now display up to 999, instead of just a paltry 99. You know, if you're just that good.

As always with fighting games, there are a number of balance adjustments for TEKKEN 8's fighters in this update.

You can view the full patch notes yourself, here!

TEKKEN 8 is available on Steam for $69.99 and is graded as "Playable" on the Steam Deck, we found that the game can run great on the Deck with the right settings in our review of the game. So it's worth checking out if you're into fighting games.

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