If you were someone who enjoyed playing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on the Steam Deck, and was excited to get Joker, you may be encountering an issue with EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) preventing you from getting into the game, making it unplayable in its current state. Unfortunately, due to the most recent update, this is a common issue that everyone is now facing, and it's making that "Playable" badge seem very misleading.


With the new season starting, an update for Suicide Squad was released to prepare it, and it seems one of the fixes messed with the EAC implemented. According to Cain, a Rocksteady Lead Community Manager, a recent change that was made seems to have messed with people's ability to play on the Steam Deck and any Linux device, breaking something around the anti-cheat:


He does mention that he would like this fixed, as he is a Linux user as well, but the good thing is the team is looking into it.

Hopefully, we will see a fix soon. I enjoyed my time with Suicide Squad and would love to get back into it and get the Joker. I have heard some mixed reactions about the new season or how confusing or little it adds, but free content is free content!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is available on Steam for $69.99, but you can get it on GreenManGaming right now for $35.69. It is playable on the Steam Deck, but there could be drops here and there in heavy scenes, even when set to low. For the most part, the game will look good and run at 30 FPS.

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