Yesterday, a new version of the SteamGridDB plugin for Decky Loader was released! The new updated doesn't add a ton, but it adds some pretty fantastic QoL features to make using the plugin so much better.

To get this plugin, you need to have Decky Loader installed, which requires you to have a sudo password set up and then installing via the installation file on their Github. You can also let Decky set a sudo password for you, but setting one yourself is more secure. After that, head on over to the plugin store in game mode and you will find the SteamGridDB plugin listing. Once that is downloaded, you should have the plugin and be ready to go! We will be writing a full guide on how to install Decky soon.

SteamGridDB 1.1.0 Features:

Adjusting Logo Size and Position

The biggest feature, in my opinion, is the ability to adjust the position and size of the logo on the fly. This is done quite easily when you are selecting your logo as they have added an "Adjust Logo Position" button on the logo selection menu.

Easy Viewing and Applying Default Assets

When looking at each section of artwork for a game, a new "Official" button has been added to the top. Clicking on this button will allow you to view and reapply the original artwork the game uses. You can also select the language if you want a different region's default artwork.

I have seen others finding this button, but on my device, I wasn't able to find it. This could be a bug that will be ironed out.

Quick Access Menu Tutorial

Since SteamGridDB doesn't use anything in the quick access menu, they have added a small guide showing you where to go to change artwork. It's something small, but I am sure I'm not the only person who defaults to looking at quick access when it comes to plugins. It is a small video as well, so you can watch it if you need to know exactly what to do.


New Languages and Bug Fixes

With all of that, SteamGridDB also added Simplified Chinese, Czech, Dutch, and Italian, as well as updated strings for most of the other languages supported already. They also fixed a plethora of bugs including the "Change Artwork" button sometimes disappearing, assets might not apply when previously used by other programs, and replaced the file picker with a better one!

SteamGridDB 1.1.0 Official Changelog:

  • Added ability to adjust position and size of logos.
  • Added short guide within quick access menu to quickly show people how to access the plugin.
  • Added button to view and apply default Steam assets.
  • Added ability to manually search for other games from Steam apps.
  • Fixed bug where "Change Artwork..." button would occasionally disappear.
  • Fixed bug where a previously selected app will be used when selecting "Change Artwork...".
  • Fixed bug where assets would sometimes not apply when assets were previously applied using other programs.
  • Load more assets when scrolling to the bottom of the results list.
  • Replaced file picker with an better one.
  • Various minor style fixes and changes.
  • Added: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, Italian
  • Updated: German, Greek, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian

This changelog was taken from the SteamGridDB Official Discord.

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