The Forest was one of the few survival games that, when released, really got me into the survival genre. And that feeling continued with the release of the sequel, Sons of The Forest. It was released in early access last year, but yesterday, we had the official 1.0 launch, and to celebrate, we have a massive amount of changes that could make it more playable on the Steam Deck and look much better overall!


One of the biggest additions to Sons of The Forest with this update is the addition of FSR 3. With the new upscaler being added, we should be able to have a much better-looking game that might have some performance improvements. We also got some memory and CPU optimizations, both of which could have a positive effect on Steam Deck performance.

On top of that, we have new title scenes and visuals, a new alternate ending, two new mutants, higher-tier gold armor for cannibals, new world details, and so much more. The amount of content added, improvements implemented, and bugs fixed are extremely long, but all very much appreciated. You can view the full changelog over on their Steam Community Post.

Sons of The Forest is available on Steam for $29.99 and is currently rated Unsupported for the Steam Deck, but it does run! You may need compromises to play optimally though.

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Noah Kupetsky
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