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Turn-based Strategy game Songs of Conquest is raring towards its 1.0 release, but before it gets there, the developers have a few more bugs to squash. But that doesn't mean they haven't been working on adding new content to the game as well, and this latest update has added 9 new maps to the roster, meaning Songs of Conquest now has almost 50 maps!

There's a huge variety in the maps on offer, so let's go over what these new maps will bring to the table:

  • Blades Edge is a 1v1 map designed to be balanced for both players, allowing an even playing field.
  • Ashen Allies is a 2-player cooperative map, where the enemy is the environment, can you survive?
  • The Great Excavation, a 2v2 map a strategic map requiring players to employ a variety of tactics.
  • Her Will My Sword, Play the role of an Undead Wielder, tasked by Aurelia to conquer the map. Designed to provide a challenge.
  • Woods and Walls, The first ever official 5-player map, prepare to face enemies on all fronts!
  • The Ancient Valley, The winner of the last community map contest, it's a mad dash to the artifacts!
  • The Verdant Canyon, a 3-player showdown in a lush canyon, be the last one standing to win!
  • Walk in the Park, 2v2, or 2v1v1 are on offer here, work together to control the gardens and seize their treasure!
  • Branching Trails, SoC's largest map ever, an 8-player sprawling map with multiple paths to victory!

This is set to be the last major update for Songs of Conquest before its full 1.0 release later this year.

As it happens, Songs of Conquest runs great on the Steam Deck, it has been rated as "Verified" by Valve, and the developers ran a feedback session at the latter end of 2023 to receive community feedback on how the game played on the Steam Deck, and updated the game accordingly.

The game supports both local and online multiplayer, as well as featuring a map editor and a campaign mode!

Songs of Conquest is currently 66% off on Steam due to a publisher sale and can be had for a smidgen over $10, the game holds "Very Positive" user reviews on Steam.

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