For a game called SAND LAND, you'd expect there to be a lot of... well, sand! And there is! In fact, the demo that was made available a few days ago took place entirely within the desert area of the game. I downloaded it to check performance on Steam Deck, and while that area was entirely playable at 30 FPS with the right settings, it wasn't really indicative of how the game would run, due to mostly being a barren wasteland. But now Bandai Namco is giving us a glimpse of the more verdant areas of the game, so check out the Forest Land trailer down below, which also expands on the game's storyline!

Beyond the deserts of Sand Land lies the Forest Land. Although peaceful looking at first, Forest Land is ruled by Muniel, who commands the powerful Forest Land Army to do their bidding, which right now, is acquiring a source of Aquanium, a powerful, but dangerous resource.

Will you be ready to face the obstacles that Forest Land will throw at you? Upgrade your vehicles and fit the right loadout so you'll be ready for whatever the Forest Land Army will throw at you! And just maybe you'll be able to save Sand Land!

SAND LAND will be launching onto Steam on April 26th, there is a demo available now. Having tried the demo, I can confirm the controls work quite well on the Steam Deck, and performance is somewhat promising, although I wasn't able to navigate to Forest Land as it isn't a part of the demo, which looks like it might be more graphically intensive than Sand Land.

Happy to see more of this game in a different environment? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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