It's not often I have to write a press release for 2 games at the same time, but here we go!

At the Future Games Show Spring Showcase yesterday, publisher Raw Fury announced 2 new games that they've signed on to publish.

Blue Prince - A First-Person Mystery

The first game is a first-person mystery title called 'Blue Prince'. Combining elements of mystery, strategy, and puzzle games, players must work their way through Mt. Holly, a manor house with ever-changing rooms. Find your way through the manor to the rumored Room 46, and maybe you can unravel the mystery that awaits!

Choose your own path through this mysterious manor, where every day the layout changes. Can you meet the challenges and unlock the secrets that each room holds? Each day, when the layout changes, you will lose all but your permanent upgrades, so make sure you make wise use of your tools while you have them!

Can you reveal the secrets of the past, where blackmail, political intrigue, and the disappearance of a local author all intertwine? Blue Prince is available to wishlist on Steam now!

At GDC, our CEO, Noah Kupetsky, got to test the game out, and he loved it. He says:

It is a really awesome concept. Deckbuilding, puzzles, roguelike elements, there are so many awesome elements to it that make it an engaging experience that made me not want to stop playing. With a limited amount of steps you can take and a focus on reading between the lines to move forward, I can easily recommend wishlisting and watching out for Blue Prince. With the controller support and minimum specs posted, this seems like it will be a great game on the Steam Deck.

Noah Kupetsky - SteamDeckHQ CEO

Knights in Tight Spaces - Deckbuilding, Turn-based Tactics

Looking to travel back in time? The creators of Fights in Tight Spaces return with the creatively named Knights in Tight Spaces! Knights in Tight Spaces challenges players to think strategically as they build and structure their deck to meet their foes and their environment. Fight through a series of challenging scenarios, and if you play your cards right, watch your team pull off some kick-ass moves!

Position your characters to give yourself an advantage, build up your combo points to pull off devastating moves, and gather your party to discover the mystery behind the secret society that has hired you!

With 300 cards to build your deck with, different classes and gear for you to equip, as well as an upgrade system, you'll be able to find something to fit your playstyle in Knights in Tight Spaces. The game is available to wishlist on Steam now!

Our CEO, Noah Kupetsky, and COO, Author Teague, had the chance to check out Knights in Tight Spaces as well:

Imagine if Fights in Tight Spaces had a bit more depth to it, with an evolving story, character classes, gorgeous art, a party system, sprawling node-based map with side quests, and weapons and equipment, and that's Knights in Tight Spaces. It is awesome and feels like it will be a fantastic addition to the Steam Deck, thanks to the controller support it will have. There isn't a focus on the Steam Deck yet, but the team is taking it into consideration as they progress with development.

And hey, Author really enjoyed it, and these kinds of games are ones he tends to avoid. That has to mean something!

Noah Kupetsky - SteamDeckHQ CEO

Are you excited about these 2 new games from publisher Raw Fury? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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