As more demanding games are released, the need for upscaling technologies is becoming increasingly common so we can easily play games on handheld PCs or lower-end hardware. Ranch Simulator and SYNTHETIK 2 added FSR 2 to their games, making these much more accessible to play on the Steam Deck at higher framerates or lower battery drain.

Ranch Simulator


First up, we have Ranch Simulator. In their newest update, the upscaler was added, along with some bug fixes and optimizations for render distance of trees and stones that aren't visible from far away. While the game is labeled as "Unsupported," it does run and should see some nice improvements from the upscaler. You can view the full changelog/update on Steam.

It is in the options, but you may need to use the touchscreen to force the menu to go down and show the FSR option.



Finally, we take a look at SYNTHETIK 2's new update. We can confirm that FSR 2.2.1 is the version that was added, bringing in the newest improvements to the upscaler. The new update has a ton of improvements to the game, including an overhaul to the attachment system, a new Endscreen that shows more details on the match, new rare squads, and 4 new maps that were added to the game.

There have also been some updates to different classes, including Machine Hunter having a permanent pet, Recon Sniper getting a new default starting pistol, and a lot of weapon balancing overall, with 3 new weapons being added. You can view the full changelog/update on SYNTHETIK 2's website. And you can find FSR 2 in the "Dynamic Resolution" section of the settings.

SYNTHETIK 2 is part of the Autumn Sale on Steam and is currently 25% off at $14.99.

It is always a pleasure seeing games get FSR 2 added and seeing any improvements possible to get games running well on the Steam Deck. Here's hoping we will see some more games adopt the upscaler and see more headways for lower-end hardware.

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