Persona 3 Reload on the Steam Deck is easily one of my favorite portable experiences I have had in a long time. The game runs extremely well, has tons of content, and the story is phenomenal. So, any way to keep the content flowing is much appreciated, and it seems we will be getting that in the form of an epilogue story called Episode Aigis!

Announced during the Xbox Partner Preview showcase, Persona 3 Reload will be getting a new story that takes place after the ending of the original game. This epilogue chapter, also known as "The Answer," continues where the game left off with the SEES team trying to escape from a time loop. In the expansion, we will see a new dungeon, new Theurgies, and more!

On top of that, ATLUS showed off Persona 3 Reload's expansion pass, which will have new content coming out throughout the year up until the new story content:

  • Wave 1 - March 12th:
    • Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden Background Music Packs
  • Wave 2 - May:
    • Velvet room themed costumes and background music pack
  • Wave 3 - September:
    • Episode Aigis/The Answer Story Chapter4

The Persona 3 Reload Expansion will be available for purchase for $34.99, while the base game is $69.99. Currently, I don't see the pass available on Steam yet, but it will most likely go live on March 12th when the first wave hits.

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