After 40 days, The OneXFly Indiegogo campaign has officially ended, bringing a close to the campaign for ONE-NETBOOK's newest device.


The campaign ended earlier today with over $470,000 raised from 583 backers. The OneXFly is a really interesting device thanks to how close its specs were to the ROG Ally. While the Ally has VRR support, the OneXFly has a 120hz screen, slightly faster RAM, larger battery, Hall-Effect joysticks, a similarly powerful APU, and is slightly smaller and weighs less. There are also two USB-C ports, one on the top and bottom, as well as a USB-A 3.2 and 3.5mm port.

During the campaign, the 16gb RAM + 512gb SSD option was $739, only $39 more than the ROG Ally, which made it a fantastic alternative to ASUS's handheld PC. And, now that the campaign has ended, the device is officially available on the OneXPlayer store:


There are two options currently on the store. Both of which have 32gb RAM and either 1tb or 2tb storage. This is double the RAM of the Ally and either 2x or 4x the storage. Both of these options are on a limited time sale for $999 and have an option to customize the device with your own RGB-lit name. If you choose to customize, the 1tb option is $1,028, and the 2tb version is $1,128. They also come with a free 64gb USB drive and can come in Black or White.

While we haven't had a chance to look closer at the device and review it, I did try it out at Gamescom and, with my limited time using it, I really liked how it felt in my hands. We are slated to get a review unit soon, and when that happens, we will have a full evaluation posted!

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