The Indiegogo campaign for the OneXFly officially launched less than 24 hours ago and has already grown significantly since its launch! In that less than 24 hour period, the campaign hit its original $10,000 goal and blew right past it, hitting over $250,000 today! This is 25x more than what ONE-NETBOOK had set with the launch, so this is fantastic to see!


On top of that, there are more units available for the super early bird pricing of the device. At launch, there were 50 units for each, but it looks like these have grown with some options having 100 or 150 units to claim. This pricing is very competitive with the ROG Ally, with a similar spec'd one being only $40 more, but has faster RAM, is lighter and smaller, and has hall-effect joysticks.

The early bird prices for each device are:

  • 16gb RAM + 512 SSD - $739
  • 32gb RAM + 1tb SSD - $889
  • 32gb RAM + 2tb SSD - $969
  • 64gb RAM + 2tb SSD - $1,199
  • 64gb RAM + 4tb SSD - $1,299

The OneXFly is very similar to the ROG Ally in terms of power and performance. It has similar RAM configurations, the AMD 7840U APU is comparable to the Z1 Extreme chip, and they both run Windows. The screen is also 120hz, but there isn't any VRR. Overall, it is a nice alternative if you are looking for a more portable device that costs around the same!

You can put down your order for the OneXFly right now on the Indiegogo campaign and the device will start shipping out in September. If you order within the next day, you can get a free silicone case for the device too!

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