Whenever I get the chance, I love to highlight lesser-known titles that look awesome and make an effort to get their game running on the Steam Deck. So, I was looking through and noticed a new update for a game called Oirbo, a hand-drawn Metroidvania in which you control a robot exploring a massive spaceship to hopefully find the answers you are looking for. And the newest update makes it easier to control on the Deck!


In the 0.9.27 update, which was released two days ago, Steam Input support was officially added. This makes it all up to par with the requirements for the Steam Deck Verified badge and will end up making it significantly easier to use on the handheld. There was also added support for PS5 controllers, so if you decide to use an external DualSense controller, it will be usable as well! This comes with improved controller glyphs and some other minor fixes.

While I haven't had the chance to play Oirbo yet, the game looks quite intriguing. The visuals look fantastic and seem to pair well with the soundtrack. On top of that, it seems like a solid Metroidvania through and through, so you will end up prioritizing exploration and backtracking as you discover new skills. And, it seems the developer is going for a visual storytelling aspect with no "human text to read." All in all, it looks like a solid platformer, and I will definitely be watching it as it develops!

Oirbo is in early access on Steam and is $14.99.

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