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A new BIOS update, specifically version 319, has been getting reports of actually decreasing performance of games being played on the ASUS ROG Ally. Brought to our attention by Fan the Deck, who also tested and confirmed this, the new BIOS update seems to cut performance in games up to 33% on higher clock speeds (Turbo Mode).

This was also reported on The Verge's updated review of the ROG Ally where Sean Hollister notes that:

I also saw my framerates dip by up to 20 percent, seemingly because newer BIOS revisions don’t maintain the same clockspeeds. "

Sean Hollister (The Verge)

While we haven't personally tested, The Phawx posted a YouTube video with his findings showing that this seems to be true. He shows that at 25W, compared to the last BIOS update (317), Cyberpunk 2077 goes from 49.1 average FPS to 41.6, Arkham Knight from 72.4 to 71, and Red Dead 2 goes from 59.5 to 57.3. It also shows that some 10W (Silent Mode) clocks don't change as much or get a little better (like Arkham Knight at 10W going from 28.2 to 29.7).

If you haven't updated yet, it is advised not to, but if you already have, it is safer to leave for now. Hopefully, this is an error on ASUS's part and it will be corrected in a new update so we can get our performance back!

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