For the longest time, we have speculated what the next Steam Deck could be, and now, we are starting to see it begin to manifest. A recent Twitter (X) post from Brad Lynch, also known as SadlyItsBradley on YouTube, shows some documentation of a possible new or revised model of the Steam Deck being teased and coming to fruition.

There are 3 screenshots here that talk about model 1030 from Valve. Per the FCC, Valve wants to install a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module into this model. While the first and third screenshots show more general information, without anything being concrete, it's the second screenshot that makes us think a new Steam Deck revision is coming:


This screenshot has a letter that discusses the module being integrated into the "Valve Steam Deck/ Model: 1030." The letter clearly mentions the Steam Deck while giving a more detailed look at the improvements that can come from this change.

So we could be seeing a new Steam Deck model soon, or a revised version of the original model, but for what else it could have, we don't know yet. A Wi-Fi 6E-compatible module seems to be a given, but there's no telling what its end is. If this is released soon, we don't see the new revision being a massive improvement, but it would be pretty incredible if Valve releases an OLED Deck with this module. Only time will tell, but it's interesting nonetheless!

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