Do you miss the good ol' days of split-screen isometric racing at its finest? Well, it seems ATARI does as well, and that's where NeoSprint comes in! The classic series is being revitalized, and we have the 1.0 announcement trailer to show it off a bit:

The game has been in early access exclusively on the ATARI VCS since October last year, and getting the feedback from the community so far has been instrumental in fine-tuning the gameplay features like the track builder + sharing track feature, career mode, multiplayer races, Time Trial challenges, race car customizing, and more!

When I was at PAX East, I got a chance to check out NeoSprint running on a PS5, and it was magnificent. It was awesome. I am not a big racing fan usually, and it's hard for me to play intense racing games like F1 or Forza, but I felt right at home with NeoSprint, which feels more accessible and arcadey. I also got to talk a bit with ATARI while I was playing, where they gave me the rundown of the game and some interesting decisions they made with development, like making a closer camera angle for single-player. I am also pleased to say there has been a TON of testing on the Steam Deck, and they are confident it will work there perfectly.

I also made a great track in the builder, which is also gamepad-supported, and I am hoping the developers brought it out to showcase to others (I put a jump in mine). I can't remember the name I gave it, but it was a fantastic one to say the least.

NeoSprint will be released this summer on Steam, but it can be played right now if you have an ATARI VCS. You can also wishlist it on Steam to get prepared for it.

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