Are you ready to take over and build your own supermarket from scratch? I know I am, and I am ready to get it done on the go! My Supermarket is a management simulator where you will build your own market, set up the facilities, order and stock products, and try to make profit. And, with the newest update, we are officially getting Steam Deck support, as well as a new expansion to bring more content to the game.


In the new update for My Supermarket, we are officially getting Steam Deck support, which is awesome. More specifically, new icons were added for confirmation dialogs, the virtual cursor will be visible without needing to press any button, and the virtual keyboard will now open automatically when input is required. We also have gamepad icons added to Edit Mode and the cash register, and we now have cloud saves so we can go to and from different computers with ease.

On top of that, we have also gotten the Coffee Expansion, so you can actually run your own little coffee shops in your store. You will need to attend to customers, take orders, and give them the products they want, but you can decide which products are available. Some products will also need to be crafted or baked, change product prices (and see what customers think), you can manage the warehouse and auto-buy products, and more! We also have new products to sell, like blueberries, dragon fruit, and grapes, as well as some new objects, like ovens, food displays, delivery kiosks, and more!

There are a ton of new improvements, and you can check them out on their Steam Community Post.

My Supermarket is available on Steam in early access for $14.99.

Noah Kupetsky
A lover of gaming since 4, Noah has grown up with a love and passion for the industry. From there, he started to travel a lot and develop a joy for handheld and PC gaming. When the Steam Deck released, it just all clicked.
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