Get ready to delve into the story behind Luna Nova, a small, isolated village, and sets the scene for Harvest Hunt, the latest game from Villainous Game Studios and Neonhive Games.


In this horror roguelike adventure, you will need to uncover the village's dark and creepy mysteries with citizens facing the aftermath of the Black Death. However, it seems that there is more than the plague at play. You are tasked with surviving against the monsters that are ever watchful in the night and defending against The Devouer, a monster who will act as the main antagonist.

Armed with only your wits, you must explore and gather resources to fill your card deck with various skills, items, and tools. Proceed with caution, as things might not always be as they seem.


To celebrate Steam's Lovecraftian Days event this weekend, a demo for Harvest Hunt will be available to try out, and it looks like a perfect fit for the Steam Deck! You can download the demo and wishlist the game before its May 22nd release via their Steam Store page.

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