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I will admit, Hairdresser Simulator is not a game that would have been on my radar if not for my wife. She loves this game and finds it so much fun to constantly change people's hairstyle...and usually ruin it. With her being pregnant, playing on the Steam Deck has allowed her to sit back and enjoy herself while relaxing from the pregnancy pain (she is the strongest person I have ever met). And, with a hotfix released yesterday, using the gamepad on the Deck has become a little bit easier.

Hairdresser Simulator
My wife is an artist!

The Hairdresser Simulator hotfix has around 35 different bug fixes and changes that are listed, with 7 of them being specific for gamepads and Steam Deck. The default settings and input icons for the tutorials on the Deck have been fixed specifically, while the gamepad keyboard for the character creator and the logo have been fixed and added. We also have a paint color picker fix, the virtual cursor interaction works better, and the up-and-down selection on the gamepad keyboard is back to working again!

Other than these, we have a plethora of bug fixes across the board. Adjustable lights are now included with some autosave fixes and a reduced closing time when exiting the game. There were also some fixes for empty task messages, such as the loading curl task, selecting hair parts through the head, saving the Salan logo, and preventing the cloth tool from clipping through walls anymore. We also have the possibility to sell packages, hair holograms have some performance optimization, and the hair dye chosen in the UI will look more accurate!

You can view all of these changes and more in the full changelog Steam Community Post.

Hairdresser Simulator is currently available for $19.99 and is rated Steam Deck Unsupported. Even though it says it isn't supported, we were playing on the Steam Deck quite nicely! 30 FPS lock seems to be the way to go, and it does use a solid amount of RAM, but it was playable.

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