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For those of you looking for a fast-paced co-op FPS, then look no further! EvilVEvil has your back. With the game entering its Open Beta phase for the next week during Steam's FPS Fest, now's the time to get your trigger finger clicking. Play either solo or with up to 2 friends in this fast-paced FPS with a gripping narrative.

You can check out the game's latest trailer here:

This Open Beta will let you take on the first 3 missions of the game's campaign, you'll be able to customize your character with artifacts, as well as join forces with others to defeat Zagreus and his cultists.

We previously tried out EvilVEvil on the Steam Deck and thought it was a great time, with the combat, world, and progression system all working nicely together. Plus there's the bonus that the game managed to maintain a playable 30 FPS throughout. So if you were wondering if you could play the EvilVEvil Beta on your Steam Deck, then you very likely can!

So get ready to kit yourself out and go fight the forces of evil!

EvilVEvil is available in Open Beta now on Steam from April 15th-22nd, 2024. A full release is planned within the next 2 months (Q2 2024) as of writing this article. It has full controller support, and as per our limited testing, seems to run well on the Steam Deck.

Will you be playing the EvilVEvil Open Beta this week, or are you going to wait for the full release? Let us know in the comments below!

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