Yesterday, Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander got a new patch that was filled with some bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Update 0.25.1 included improvements for the new Build & Battle multiplayer PVP mode, as well as some general fixes for the whole game. It also included a new runtime, which unfortunately broke compatibility with the Steam Deck, but it seems that has been fixed, too!


About four hours after the update was posted, a hotfix was released to get it running again. It seems the update to Microsoft .NET 8 runtime broke compatibility due to Proton not having the support for it. So, the developer decided to revert to an old runtime to keep the game running on the portable handheld. Now we can continue to design and build our spaceships for the epic space battles that will be commencing.

Cosmoteer is on sale right now until January 29th for $15.99 and is rated Playable on the Steam Deck due to showing incorrect controller icons. According to reports, the game runs great on the Steam Deck without any issues, and they have adapted the controls pretty well too.

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Noah Kupetsky
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