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After what seems like a long wait since it was teased way back in 2020, Corpse Party 2: Darkness Distortion has finally received a release date, that being the Fall of 2024.

In Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion you'll follow three high school friends; Haruka Nanami, Nemu Takanashi, and Maria Hitsugi, as they explore the Amare Est Vivere Hospital, to see if a local urban legend is true, and as the streamer Nemu seeks to boost her subscriber count. Unfortunately, they trigger a decades-old curse that sends them into a dark realm. Now, they must avoid the horrors of the hospital’s dark past.

You can check out the game's announcement trailer down below:

This latest entry into the Corpse Party series brings new characters, a new setting, a terrifying new curse, and a brand-new look allowing for more thrills and chills! With the game now being fully 3D rendered, you'll be able to enjoy the game in both 3rd and 1st person viewpoints. This new perspective complements the series’ visual novel-style storytelling, pairing updated visuals with gruesome descriptions and spine-tingling binaural audio accompanied by the original Japanese voiceovers.

There will be six chapters, with eight additional scenarios and plenty of bad endings for players to discover as they uncover the truth behind “Ayame’s Mercy” and escape with their lives.

Corpse Party originally started in the 1990s as an RPG Maker title, but soon expanded beyond that. And although we did have a game entitled Corpse Party 2 released back in 2019, which was meant to be an episodic title, we only ever saw 1 episode release for it before it was abandoned. Fortunately, another developer has taken the reigns this time, so we shouldn't see a repeat of that situation.

Corpse Party 2: Darkness Distortion will be available on Steam in the Fall of 2024. The price is planned to be $49.99. We have no store pages for the game just yet, but you can follow the XSEED Games X (Twitter) page to be kept up to date when the store pages go live.

Are you looking forward to the return of this series? Let us know in the comments below!

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