One of the features I love most about the Steam Deck is how it interacts with Steam. It can act as a perfect companion to desktop PCs thanks to Steam's cloud save feature, which means you can automatically bring the games you save from your desktop to the Deck. It's a fantastic feature, so I always celebrate when new games start enabling it, kind of like what the colony sim survival game, Colony Survival, has done with their newest update!


In their new 0.10.2 update, which was released earlier today, we officially have cloud save support! So, with the worlds you are building on, you should be able to continue working wherever you decide to! This option is enabled for all new worlds made after the update, so if you have any old worlds you would like to utilize the feature, you will need to manually enable it.

Some nice lighting improvements were also implemented. This includes making sunsets and sunrises better, a better lasting yellow-red effect, and new fog effects to simulate morning dew. The developer actually goes a bit more in-depth with why lighting needed to be improved and how they did it, and you can check it out on their Steam Community Post.

Colony Survival is available for $24.99 on Steam and is rated Steam Deck Playable. It also has a native Linux build, which is always nice! Per reports, it seems the game runs quite well, but without proper controller support, it can be a bit difficult. We recommend checking out community layouts to play the game on Deck well!

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