Cogmind, a sci-fi roguelike adventure, puts you in the role of a robot that must salvage components and build itself up to become a war machine. It's actually been in early access for over 6 years by this point, but is well-received by the community and is still receiving updates.

The latest update, the Beta 13 patch, actually includes some optimizations for Steam Deck users, with the addition of new fonts, which allows for text to become larger and more readable on smaller displays, such as the Steam Deck's. It also allows users to zoom in more on the game so everything is a little bigger.


Here's a comparison image showing the old layout the game used to have, compared to one of the new layouts you can select from, you can see that the new layout offers a much more zoomed-in and readable view of the playing area which will be great for handheld users.

Left ImageRight Image

Have you played Cogmind? I hadn't seen this game before today, but it looks very interesting to me. I've always been a big fan of the original Rogue game, I even made a clone of it myself on Android years ago, and it looks like Cogmind is based heavily on Rogue with plenty of features added on top.

Cogmind is available now on Steam in early access for $17.99 while discounted for the Spring Sale, it normally retails for $19.99 but will be getting a price increase to $24.99 in April 2024. It currently holds "Very Positive" Steam Reviews and a "Playable" Steam Deck Compatibility Rating, due to needing a custom controller layout, sometimes requiring the on-screen keyboard and in-game text that may be hard to read, although hopefully that last one is eased by this new update.

Are you excited to see Cogmind start to receive improvements for the Steam Deck? Let us know in the comments below!

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