This week, there are a ton of different sales happening on Steam that have some amazing deals for some great Steam Deck games. There are so many that I wanted to take a moment to bring them all up here and highlight the games we highly recommend checking out. So, with all of these sales going on, here are the recommendations we have for you:

Arc System Works Publisher Sale - Ends March 14th

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 31 25 Arc System Works Publisher Sale 2024

Arc System Works is known for their incredible 2D fighting games, so this is the perfect time to take advantage of this publisher sale and get some essentials added to your Steam Deck library! From Guilty Gear Strive to Dragon Ball FighterZ, here are the essentials from this sale:

Capcom Publisher Sale - Ends March 21st

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 30 23 Capcom Publisher Sale

Capcom is known for its incredible series like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man! So, with their publisher sale, we get to see some of their amazing classics and incredible new titles get discounted, and there are some Steam Deck essentials here:

2K Publisher Sale - Ends March 7th

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 32 04 Experience must play games from 2K at great prices

2K's publisher sale is chalk full of incredible deals! The sale is a great chance to get some of the essential classics at a great discount, like BioShock and XCOM, while awesome newer games like Marvel's Midnight Suns are getting a price cut too:

Curve Games Publisher Sale - Ends March 14th

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 30 58 Curve Games Publisher sale 2024

Curve Games may not be as well known as the others above, but they are a fantastic studio that makes some incredible games too. I love the For the King series and Human Fall Flat, while Patch Quest is a great Steam Deck game and can be a lot of fun:

Metroidvania Fusion Sale - Ends March 11th

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 32 34 Metroidvania Fusion

If you love Metroidvanias, this is the sale for you! This sale has a ton of different types of Metroidvanias, including awesome titles like Blasphemous, Exit the Gungeon, and Dandara:

Women's Day Sale - Ends March 10th

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 34 02 Womens Day Sale 2024

It's always a great time to celebrate games made by Women, especially with the stigma that video games are very male dominated. In the end, some of the greatest games were made and led by women, like Cult of the Lamb, Signalis, and The Wandering Village. And, the sale is a great way to check out more awesome games from them:

Saints Row Franchise Sale - Ends March 14th

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 34 21 Its Saints Row Time Now Crazy Deals Await

Saints Row is one of my favorite GTA-like games. I have fond memories of playing Saints Row the Third and running around with ridiculous weapons, like a dubstep gun, and just wrecking havoc in town. While the newest games tones down on the series' craziness, it's still a solid third-person shooter, and now we can get them at a discount:

HypeTrain Spring Sale 2024 - Ends March 14th

Screenshot 2024 03 05 at 07 34 55 HypeTrain Spring Sale 2024

HypeTrain is another awesome publisher that has been bringing out some amazing titles like Breathedge and my personal favorite, Golden Light! SuchArt is a great game too, and you can't go wrong with the sale:

Some Great Individual Sales

While the sales above are awesome, there are some great individual titles that are on sale too! Against the Storm, Deep Rock Galactic, the Metro Saga, and more are all great to add to your Steam Deck library:

And those are the highlights for this week! There are more games on sale for each, so I do recommend going and checking out each individual sale.

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