AEW: Fight Forever is adding Swerve Strickland to the talent roster through the Swerve to the Beach DLC. This new DLC represents the first DLC as part of Season 3, and will also add a beach-side fighting ring with both day and evening variants. This will allow you to beat the living daylights out of each other while still having that relaxing ocean view!

To get a little peek at the new fighter and new maps, here's a trailer for you:

Swerve will be able to use his signature House Call and Swerve Stomp finishers in the game.

The Swerve to the Beach DLC will cost $9.99 or is included in Season Pass 3 which costs $16.99 on Steam.

Season Pass 3 includes:

  • 3 new wrestlers
  • New day and evening Beach Ring.
  • 33 new move-sets
  • 42 new skin and attire options
  • 11 new music tracks

So if you're into AEW: Fight Forever, it may make more sense to buy the Season Pass than each DLC individually.

In addition to the Swerve to the Beach DLC, there is also a free DLC pack being released, entitled Freebie for da Fans DLC. This free DLC will include 10 new Ring Attires, along with 5 brand-new music tracks.


AEW: Fight Forever is available on Steam for $59.99. It is graded as "Playable" on the Steam Deck Compatibility Ratings, due to occasionally requiring the use of the on-screen keyboard.

Do you play AEW: Fight Forever? Are you excited about this DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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