When the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo first came out, we really excited to get our hands on it and test it out. Unfortunately, trying to get into a new game would give us an unskippable and endless black screen. Luckily, with some trial and error, we were able to fix it.

Wo Long Demo Fix

So for this demo, the biggest obstacle is the cutscene. We tried using different Proton and launch options, but nothing seemed to fix it. So we decided to try bypassing this altogether. The easiest way to do this you ask? Using a save file that is already past the opening scene.

I decided to do this on my desktop PC using Windows OS. I played the game for a bit and got to the first save point. Now the game does have Steam Cloud enabled, so it theoretically should upload the save and then put it on your Deck, but mine didn’t work like that, so I had to manually move the save over.

Using Warpinator, which we have a guide to setting up, I was going to move the save file. I found it in the documents folder on my Windows PC. Then from there, I had to use Warpinator/Winpinator to transfer the files and put them in the right spot on my Deck.

After that, all I did was go back to game mode and relaunch Wo Long! The save appeared there and bam, I was able to load in and play. I used a combination of 70% render scale and standard + low settings (set shadows and fog to low for sure) and a TDP of 9 initially. The demo does stutter every now and then, but it holds 30 FPS quite well for the most part.

Wo Long Demo

Wo Long Demo Fix Steps

So basically, here is all you need to do to fix the demo for yourself:

  1. Get a save file that is past the opening scene. This can be downloaded (if you find one) or done on a secondary computer that can play the game (preferably Windows OS).

  2. Transfer the game over to your Steam Deck. This can be done either via Steam Cloud (if it works) or using a file transfer tool like Warpinator. For this, I transferred the entire SAVEDATA00 folder from my Windows PC and put it in the Steam Deck filepath. "YourUser" is your user name on your computer and "YourSteamUserID" is your specific Steam User ID.

    Windows Save File Path: C:\Users\"YourUser"\Documents\KoeiTecmo\WolongDemo\Savedata\"YourSteamUserID"\

    Steam Deck Save File Path: /home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/2285240/pfx/drive_c/

  3. Put the save files in the right spot using the two file paths above!

  4. Put your Steam Deck back into game mode and start the game! After configuring settings, make sure to load the save.

  5. Enjoy!

And that’s all you need to do! I have not tested using a save generated by a different user, which would be the case of downloading save files, so I can’t say for sure that it will work. But if you have a desktop PC with Windows on it, this will fix the demo and make it playable! It still has its issues during gameplay, like one spot where I died and the “game over” screen never showed up, but hey, baby steps here!

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