Before this update, I had never heard about Vibrant Venture, but I am so glad I was able to check it out now. This vivid 2D platformer looks like it prioritizes fluidity and ways you can combine running, jumping, sliding, and a multitude of abilities to traverse an array of challenging terrain. Seeing it makes me think of Super Mario Odyssey or Penny's Big Breakaway, which are both amazing platformers that give you the blueprint to experiment and create your own shortcuts/ways of traversing. There's also a neat level editor and pet editor to keep the fun going after beating the game!

And the newest update adds in some quality of life features to make it more playable on the Steam Deck.


With the newest beta update for Vibrant Venture, we now have better virtual keyboard support! So, when you need to input text, it will automatically bring up the keyboard with a box so you can put what you need to in without issue. There is also support for the PS5 DualSense and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, and the correct icons will show up for each.

The focus of the patch was primarily story and lore, and as such, some new story elements have been added! There are three new major cutscenes that give us more background for the story, Azura's Journal was added and gives details on the inhabitants of the world, a new level with two new upgrades were brought in, Trophies and Ghosts were added to Time Trials, and some new animations were added in!

The new update is a big one, and you can check out the entire changelog over on their Steam Community Post.

Vibrant Venture is available through Early Access on Steam now for $14.99. It does have a Native Linux version.

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