When it was announced, The Invincible was one of the cooler-looking story-driven games I had seen. The world is gorgeous, and the story is intriguing, coming from the iconic novel of the Polish Futurologist Stanisław Lem. Playing it on the Steam Deck is possible and enjoyable, but there were some framerate issues here and there. And with today's update, there are some more improvements coming in to help these issues.

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In this new update, which includes some nice quality of life features, we have some Steam Deck performance improvements. Specifically, the changelog mentions the FPS drops during battle sequences are going to be better, but it's possible we may see some generally improvements throughout the entire game.

We are also able to fast-forward dialogue lines in interactive scenes. A new animation was added to reveal the new map area, and we can now zoom anywhere without equipment. There were some minor collider and checkpoint improvements. There were also black bars added to interactive scenes, which could be good or bad. If the game supports 1280x800 resolutions, it will look like 720p, but if it doesn't, the game will be squished a decent amount. But this upgrade is filled with more good than bad, so that's awesome.

You can view the changelog over on the Steam Community Post.

The Invincible is available on Steam for $29.99, but if you want to save some money, you can get it on Fanatical for $19.49.

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