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Summer Game Fest 2024 is upon us! The actual show itself kicked off at 2 PM Pacific Time on June 7th and ran for about 2 hours. But this whole weekend is packed with gaming showcases from Indies to AAA... Also, we have the AAAA showcase on Monday from Ubisoft too I guess? But anyway, I'm getting distracted! Here's a round-up of all the PC-related gaming news we found during the Summer Game Fest Live Show, enjoy!


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LEGO Horizon Adventures Coming to PC Later this Year

This one wasn't a very well-kept secret and we knew about it long before the Summer Game Fest event, but LEGO Horizon Adventures will be coming to PC, PS5, and Switch later this year, interestingly the game is skipping Xbox, likely courtesy of it being a PlayStation IP. The game will feature local and online co-op play.

No More Room in Hell 2, Early Access This Halloween on PC

The next game from the developers behind Chivalry 2, No More Room in Hell 2 is an 8-player co-op zombie survival, that looks to have plenty of similarities to the Chivalry 2 combat system.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Coming September 3rd

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions was shown next at Summer Game Fest... I guess you're going to be playing Quidditch? I don't know, I know nothing about Harry Potter! But I don't recall Quidditch being the main theme for a game, at least not for a long time.

Escape Jail in Cuffbust Coming to Steam in 2025

These cute and somewhat foul-mouthed animals are planning a jailbreak in this crazy co-op game, can you make it out of the prison alive? Nice to see a wide variety of games shown at this years Summer Game Fest.

Star Wars Outlaws (August 30th Release) Will be at the Ubisoft Forward Event, Obviously. But We Get a New Trailer Now!

Some new footage from Star Wars Outlaws was shown at the Summer Game Fest, we're getting more footage and information about the game at the Ubisoft Forward event on Monday. This one won't be coming to Steam, at least not at launch.

Neva Is Coming to Steam Later in 2024

Neva is up next at the Summer Game Fest, this beautiful, and likely somewhat sad game is coming to Steam later in 2024. It looks to be a 2D platformer with some Hack'N'Slash elements.

Sid Meier's Civilization VII Will Launch in 2025

I shouldn't really need to introduce this series, and 2K did accidentally leak this before the Summer Game Fest, but Sid Meier's Civilization VII is coming to PC and Consoles in 2025. There will be a gameplay showcase in August.

Black Myth: Wukong Is Coming to Steam on August 20th

Black Myth: Wukong the Action RPG heavily inspired by Chinese Mythology, has received a release date of August 20th, as well as the revealing of a Digital Deluxe edition. We also got the system requirements revealed, which the Steam Deck should be capable of, but the game does need 130GB of storage which is a lot.

Once Human Launching July 9th on Steam, Demo Out Now

Once Human is a multiplayer open-world survival game, and it's just received a release date of July 9th, it also just got a demo shadow-dropped during the Summer Game Fest, so you can head over to Steam and check it out right now if you like!

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine II is Launching September 9th, Gameplay Overview Trailer on June 20th

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 got another trailer during the Summer Game Fest, as well as the promise of a gameplay overview trailer that will be shown live at 9 AM Pacific Time on June 20th, which will look into the campaign, co-op, and PvP modes.

Metaphor: ReFantazio (October 11th) Gets New Trailer Focused on the Archetype System

Metaphor: ReFantazio got some further news and another trailer at the Summer Game Fest, this time focusing on the Archetype system.

Street Fighter 6 Year 2 Characters Revealed

Not much to say here, other than the 4 characters joining Street Fighter 6 in its Year 2 DLC have been revealed.

Roguelike Co-op Hack'n'Slash Tears of Metal Heading to Steam

No release date for this one, but it looks like it could be a good bit of fun with some friends!

Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero Coming October 11th

After writing about this game for what seems like ages, Summer Game Fest has finally provided us with a release date and a cinematic trailer for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero. The game will be launching on Steam on October 11th.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Gets Alpha Test in July. Black Hawk Down-Inspired Premium Campaign.

The Free-To-Play FPS Delta Force Hawk Ops is getting an Alpha Test period in July. The paid-for Campaign Mode is inspired by the movie Black Hawk Down and recreates scenes from the film.

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves is Coming Early 2025

We didn't get to see much of this one, but we do know that there's a new Fatal Fury game coming in 2025, entitled City of the Wolves. Summer Game Fest has been fairly good so far at showing actual gameplay, this is one of the first that is showing us basically nothing.

Battle Crush Goes into Early Access June 27th on Steam


Couldn't find a trailer for this one anywhere despite a video being shown at the Summer Game Fest! But this Free-To-Play 30-player brawler is coming to Steam on June 27th, so if it looks like your kind of game, there's no harm in giving it a try!

Mecha BREAK is a Multiplayer Mech Game with a Closed Beta in August

This looks like a neat little game, hopefully, it's as good as it looks. If you want to try it out, then you don't have long to wait, as closed beta tests are coming in August. Previous Closed Beta's for the game were held on Steam, so it'll likely be the case again.

A Whole Host of Horror Games are Coming Courtesy of Blumhouse Games

Jason Blum, who usually specializes in horror movies, appeared on stage at the Summer Game Fest and said that he has made the jump to video games with his publishing label Blumhouse Games. They showed off a montage of various horror video games that they've agreed to publish. We don't have too much information on the individual games, however.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rita's Rewind Coming to Steam Later This Year

I didn't watch Power Rangers as a kid, but I imagine if you did, this probably got your feelings of nostalgia flowing. This (mostly) 2D Brawler looks to bring back the feeling of early 90s arcade games, and it doesn't look half bad. It does have online and local multiplayer.

Cinematic Platformer Deer & Boy is Coming to Steam

Bit of a strange one, with a very imaginative title! It's hard to tell what's going on, but hopefully, we'll see more from this before it launches.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 Gets a New Trailer, Coming Later This Year

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 got a pretty big trailer shown at the Summer Game Fest. Plenty of humor in this one, and it's nice to see some world-building going on before the game launches later this year.

Slitterhead is Coming on November 8th, New Trailer Shown

Horror games were a dime a dozen at the Summer Game Fest this year. Slitterhead got a new trailer shown with a release date of November 8th.

Killer Bean Entering Steam Early Access Summer 2024

This was a strange one, I can't tell if this is a joke game or actually genuine... Either way, it looks like the developers are prioritizing fun above all else, with some crazy situations and ragdoll physics going on. The graphics at parts seem oddly mismatched, however. Again, Summer Game Fest is providing us with a wide variety of games, and I dig it.

Cairn, is a Climbing Simulator That's Coming to Steam in 2025

Cairn is a "realistic" climbing simulator that's coming to Steam in 2025. It seems like it might control like QWOP where you control your arms and legs, but where you have to decide where to place your hands and feet as you climb the mountain. I'm sure it's more controllable than QWOP though... hopefully...

Wanderstop from the Creator of The Stanley Parable is Coming to Steam in 2024

Suitably strange from the mind behind The Stanley Parable, the game starts off sweet as you are seemingly helping run a coffee shop, but it quickly takes a turn. Given how The Stanley Parable played out, who knows what's going to happen in Wanderstop

Unknown 9: Awakening is Coming to Steam in the Fall of 2024

Unknown 9: Awakening is an action-adventure game where the player character has the ability to shift between dimensions. Unfortunately, others are aware of her powers and want to capture her and use them for nefarious means.

Enotria: The Last Song is Coming to Steam on September 19th, 2024, Demo Out Now

I hadn't heard of this game before, but it's apparently a souls-like, with a world inspired by Italy. You are stuck in a world crafted by authors and must defeat them to free the world.

The First Descendant is Coming to Steam on July 2nd

The First Descendant is a Free-To-Play 1-4 Player co-op looter-shooter from Nexon, and it's coming to Steam in less than a months time, on July 2nd.

Sonic X Shadow Generations is Coming to Steam on October 25th

We got a further look at Sonic x Shadow Generations at the Summer Game Fest, this game combines Sonic Generations with a brand new campaign featuring Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as some other improvements. It was given a release date of October 25th.

Dune Awakening MMO Trailer Shown

Dune Awakening is an MMO from the developers at Funcom (Anarchy Online, Conan Exiles), it's coming to Steam at some point, but we don't really know much about it beyond the trailer that was shown at Summer Game Fest.

Battle Aces Is a Free-To-Play Easy-To-Get-Into RTS Entering Beta Soon

Battle Aces aims to be the World of Warcraft of RTS games, aiming to introduce new players to the genre and make it accessible to everyone, it seems like the way they're doing that is by removing a lot of the micro-management present in many RTS games, and likely creating a hybrid somewhere between the way MOBA Creeps work and how units normally work in an RTS.

You can sign up for playtesting soon at Playbattleaces.com

The Finals Season 3 Gets Trailer, Starts June 13th

The Finals got its Season 3 trailer shown at Summer Game Fest, with the new Season starting on June 13th, it looks like there's more of an emphasis on melee and close quarters in this new Season.

Alan Wake II Is Getting a 3-episode Night Springs Expansion Tomorrow June 8th

In one of the few genuine surprises (at least for me) at the Summer Game Fest event, Sam Lake came on stage and revealed that Alan Wake II will be receiving a 3-episode story expansion in the form of Night Springs and that it's launching tomorrow, June 8th. The game is still only available on the Epic Game Store.

New World's New Expansion: Aeternum, Coming October 15th

The next expansion for New World, entitled Aeternum, will be launching on October 15th, this also marks the date of the game launching on consoles.

Dark and Darker is Out Now on Epic Games Store and Steam

This has been a long time coming. After a lengthy legal battle with Nexon and the game being removed from Steam, it seems it's finally time for Dark and Darker to make its return, this time launching on both the Steam and Epic Games Store, hopefully, this one will work well on the Steam Deck, as it's a bit of a pain to get working and configured with Ironmace's Blacksmith launcher. We had a feeling this news was coming at the Summer Game Fest due to Ironmace having their company logo on the Summer Game Fest partner page, and they only make Dark and Darker!

Kunitsu-Gami Path of the Goddess Launches July 19th

I was a little confused exactly what this game was, so I had to do some research, and apparently it's a mix of action and strategy, where you control your main character, but can command NPCs to move and do certain actions. Regardless, you won't have long until you can see for yourself, as it launches July 19th.

Hyper Light Breaker Gets a New Trailer, Comes to Steam Early Access Late Summer 2024

Somewhat of a departure from the original Hyper Light Drifter, Hyper Light Breaker is a 3D action-adventure roguelite with co-op, and it's entering Steam Early Access later this Summer.

Skate. is Getting Playtests this Fall, But Only on Console

In a kind of lengthy, and somewhat nonsensical trailer that felt pretty out of place at the Summer Game Fest, EA announced that they are still indeed working on Skate. and that the game will be entering playtesting on consoles later this year. Sadly, the playtest isn't available on PC, but it's good news that the game is progressing, and we do know the final release will be on PC.

Palworld is Getting a World Expansion, New Pals, and More in the Sakurajima Update on June 27th

Another surprise announcement at the Summer Game Fest, Palworld's first major update is almost here, the Sakurajima expansion promises to bring a whole new island to the game, with new pals, new bosses, and the arena game mode. I tried Palworld out when it launched but found it difficult to stick with, maybe this will make me dive back in for a second look.

Monster Hunter Wilds Gets Yet Another New Trailer, Launches 2025

Monster Hunter Wilds was treated to another trailer, and it seems like the marketing is in full swing, as it was announced that we will get another trailer at Gamescom, as well as those in attendance at Gamescom getting the chance to play the game themselves.


And that's it for the Summer Game Fest, we hope you enjoyed this news summary of all the PC and Steam-related news shown at the Summer Game Fest live show, keep an eye out over the weekend as it's packed full of showcases and we just can't cover them all! There's Day of the Devs which is on right now, then an Xbox showcase and PC Gaming Show on the 9th, and a Ubisoft Forward event on the 10th. These events all tie into the Summer Game Fest umbrella. If you want to check out all the events linked up with Summer Game Fest, you can check out the official website here.

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