Valve is ramping up to ship Steam Decks over to Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan and it seems that they are setting the bar high! In the first of two updates given by the official Steam Deck Twitter, it is said that they began shipping units to these countries on the 17th and are on track to ship all reservations made before December 1st by the end of this year! They expect this to be by December 26th for all countries except South Korea, which will be by December 30th.

Steam Deck Shipment Update

There has also been some reports that customers were receiving units out of order, which were confirmed by Valve and Komodo. This has been fixed for all future shipments going out and doesn't change the current plans to get everything out before the end of the year.


Overall, this is a fantastic update! Issues have been corrected and orders are on track to be there ASAP.