When it comes to upscaling on the Steam Deck, the first one I usually think of is AMD's FSR. FSR 1.0 is implemented within the quick-access menu, while both FSR 2 and 3 are utilized pretty often in the biggest releases. FSR 3 is their newest version of the upscaler, and slowly, we are seeing more games start to use it. Today, not one, not two, but three big releases have brought the FSR 3 upscaling in, and it's great to see.


While it is awesome seeing FSR 3 coming to these games, it is very possible this won't improve performance. It will most likely increase graphical quality without putting more burden on your Steam Deck, but it won't make the games perform better.

Remnant 2 had its big crossplay update today, which allows you to play with users that are on other consoles. There was also a solid amount of bug fixes and changes, as well as FSR 3 support. There is also a new Aberration Domination Event, that will last until March 5th.

RoboCop: Rogue City got a new update today as well, which added in FSR 3. It also improved game stability and fixed localization issues and other minor things.

Finally, we have The Last of Us Part 1. While it wasn't announced, or hasn't been yet, from the Naughty Dog team, we do have a post on X from Frank Azor, Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions and Marketing at AMD, where he mentioned FSR 3 is coming to the game. It isn't in the game as of right now, but it should be coming soon.

I am happy to see these games improving and getting the upscaler in since they can help us give better visual quality without needing more power. I would also love to see some good implementation of Frame Generation on the Deck since it could be a huge benefit and massive performance gains, but I have yet to see it done where it works as intended.

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